We attempt to get our shit together



The enchanting and dangerous thief, Inara Song has been contracted to steal a one of a kind laser weapon from an old acquaintance known as, The Baron.

Yondu, a member of an interstellar crime ring arranged the job, and for Inara to take passage aboard Dumpster Juice, a space transport ship captained by the smuggler, Guy Gunderson.

While nearing their destination, Xenon 30i7, the two were waylaid by opportunistic pirates who were pursuing Benedict Weymeir, an outlaw and gun for hire also known as Star Killer.

After an exchange of threats and laser fire, a hyperspace jump led the party away from the pirates, and into a raging ion storm.

Literally locked in a deadly standoff, will our heroes escape the burning force of the storm? or will they fall divided? Find out now, on an exciting new episode of, SPACE GAME



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