Benedict "Star Qiller" Weymeir


Benedyqt “Star Qiller” Weymeir
Orphan, psychic (psycho), legendary outlaw, and the character with by far the most potential for destruction so far. Most of Ben’s problems are solved with one of his overpowered guns, or the crushing force of his telekinetic powers. Not to mention his crew of violent misfits, The Crunchy Bunch.

Born and raised on Tranquility Station, a terraforming platform in orbit above Terra Nova, a failing start up homeworld for the human race.

Benedyqt Weymeir grew up in an orphanage, having never known his parents. He ran away when he was eight, spending a full 8 years alone on the street before meeting the man he would come to consider his mentor, Caroll Jacobson. He learned about the life of crime from Caroll, all the while his violent side was nurtured by those around him, rewarding him when he hurt people for them.

When Caroll was killed by police in an unprovoked arrest, an intense emotional breakdown awoke psychic powers within him, as well as an even darker, more insidious voice in his head. He counter-murdered the police responsible for murdering his mentor using his new powers.

Forced to strike out on his own again, he eventually became associated with , the local interstellar crime ring, and came to know Yondu, who recognized great potential in him.

After many successful years, having made his way up the ladder, using lots of murdered people as the rungs, Ben tired of the criminal life, and decided to try his luck as a belter, working to help turn the planet below into a livable one. This was short lived, however, as he and his crew were waylaid by the local pirates who had been harassing the terraforming effort since its inception. He escaped with his life, but the rest of his belting crew weren’t so lucky.

Recognizing now that a life of violence was unescapable for him, he took Yondu up on an old offer to relocate to Thalassa, where he was given a chance at revenge, in the form of a contract to eliminate the pirates who had taken his at least relatively peaceful life from him.
Acting alone, and against Yondu’s orders, he stormed the pirate base, and after and ocean of blood and violence, eliminated the pirates, creating the myth of the lone engine of destruction; “Star Qiller”

Having fucked Yondu over pretty hard, he’s been avoiding him ever since, on the run with his gang of kooky characters, The Crunchy Bunch.

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Benedict "Star Qiller" Weymeir

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