Guy Gunderson


Guy Gunderson
Military runaway, daredevil, and expert pilot, Guy is the captain of Dumpster Juice, a ship given to him by Yondu in exchange for his forced, indefinite employment. The sharpest of the player characters, Guy is the best at analyzing situations or people in order to find the perfect path through any situation.

Born on the yet unnamed Guy’s Homeworld to a military family, during the last two years of the war with Simion which Guy’s Father fought in. Guy was expected to continue the tradition of his General father, his parents enrolled him in military school from the beginning, and when he came of age he enlisted as he was expected to.

However, having different plans for his future, and disagreeing with the ideals of the nation he was expected to serve, Guy instead chose to join up with a group of military deserters known as The Relinquished. In his new role, Guy was tasked with infiltrating The Consortium, a crime ring operating near the border between ASUS territory and Simion.

During the mission, Guy blew his cover, and was given an ultimatum by Consortium middleman Yondu; take the ship, Dumpster Juice, and be on call as his personal agent, or die at the whims of his violent imagination. Guy chose the former.

Yondu eventually tasked Guy with infiltrating a slave trade ship operating in the area, finding the supplier and shutting them down. Guy successfully stowed aboard the ship, but once again his cover was blown. With the aid of a captured daykin – a cat-like species – named Buu, and a timely slave revolt, Guy was able to escape with his life and his freedom, but never discovered the identity of the supplier.

Guy’s most recent job from Yondu, is to transport Inara Song to The Baron’s space station at Xenon 30I7 and back, and he was told nothing else. Having heard rumblings around the cantina that Guy wasn’t the only one Yondu had operating for him personally, and that he had a black widow-esque femme fatale with a kill list a mile long helping him work his way up the ranks. Guy put two and two together, and could only assume what that must mean for The Baron.

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Guy Gunderson

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