Inara Song


Castaway, psychic, artist, and thief, Inara is the hottest of the player characters, making her the best at manipulating others into providing her the most potent opportunities possible. She plays the game of thrones.

Born on Thalassa, a rich, desert trade world on the fringes of ASUS occupied space. She was cast out by her superstitious, nomadic family at an early age for displaying psychic powers. After wandering for a long time in the desert, she came upon the world’s largest, richest, and most glamorous and crime-ridden city, Luminae IX.

Stealing just to get by, she was eventually taken in by Yondu, a mid-ranking member of the consortium, a crime ring that spanned many of the nearby systems. Eventually she found her passion in a form of ancient Thalassan “trance dancing”, that induces a relaxed and timeless state in those who view it.

After working her way up into high society, Yondu saw an opportunity in all of the high class social events and parties she was now regularly attending. Putting her old skills to work, she began stealing from the super-wealthy, right under their noses.

Her most recent job, is to travel offworld for the first time, and lift The Tassiter Q500 from an old flame, “The Baron” Daerin Von Uuberwald, in his space fortress based in Xenon 30I7.

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Inara Song

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