Episode I
Between two points

A confrontation with the renegade outlaw, Benedyqt Weymeir, left Space Captain Guy Gunderson locked in the engine room of his own ship.

In an attempt to restart the engines and restore system power, Guy climbed out onto the hull of the craft, only to be struck by the force of the ion storm still raging outside.

The strange event stripped Guy of his memory almost entirely, leaving him stranded and struggling to come to terms with his suddenly unfamiliar surroundings.

Meanwhile, Ben had made his way to the bridge, where he and the mysterious and deadly Inara Song were having a heated disagreement about what to do next.

Also, who he is and what the fuck he’s doing here.

Calling back to his knowledge of Earth’s history, Ben proposed a Benjamin Franklin-esque lightning rod solution, using the energy of the storm to restart the engines and power the ship.

Inara attempted to reach Guy on her comms, but his reply was less than reassuring.

Revealing that he had no idea who either of them were, and only had a vague notion that the ship was his, the Captain appeared to be out of the action for the time being.

Unwilling to negotiate with the intruder and unable to effectively communicate with Guy through her comms, Inara decided to head back to the engine room to check on him herself.

Though he had fallen in love with her at first sight, Ben didn’t hesistate to raise his weapon against Inara and fire a warning shot to dissuade her from leaving.

Seeing right through his bluff, she pushed past, leaving him rambling ineffectually over the comms.

To his side, a monitor flashed to life showing an old ally, Eli as well as someone less familiar.

“The Baron” questioned Ben about Inara, and told him that he and his forces would be there within half an hour.

Back on Dumpster Juice, as Inara made her way to the engine room, the ships systems began to fail, one by one.

Starting with gravity, she found herself struggling with the brand new sensation of weightlessness a warning alerted all onboard that life support and oxygen would be offline within the next twenty minutes.

Effortlessly gliding his way through the crippled ship, Ben found Inara at the damaged engine room door.

Apologizing, but not willing to waste any more time, he attempted something that he had little reason to think was possible. But with the energy of the ion storm outside acting as a catalyst, he called out with his mysterious connection to the force. Already wounded and on his last leg, he grabbed Inara, making skin on skin contact, and channeling through her, he passed the usual physical toll that comes with using his powers on to her.

Buu, Guy’s wingman and friend had made her way to the damaged engine, and using a damaged sensor that Ben had ripped off of the ship with his powers, created a lighting rod that was struck immediately, flooding the ship and everyone inside with the raw energy of unknown origin…

We attempt to get our shit together



The enchanting and dangerous thief, Inara Song has been contracted to steal a one of a kind laser weapon from an old acquaintance known as, The Baron.

Yondu, a member of an interstellar crime ring arranged the job, and for Inara to take passage aboard Dumpster Juice, a space transport ship captained by the smuggler, Guy Gunderson.

While nearing their destination, Xenon 30i7, the two were waylaid by opportunistic pirates who were pursuing Benedict Weymeir, an outlaw and gun for hire also known as Star Killer.

After an exchange of threats and laser fire, a hyperspace jump led the party away from the pirates, and into a raging ion storm.

Literally locked in a deadly standoff, will our heroes escape the burning force of the storm? or will they fall divided? Find out now, on an exciting new episode of, SPACE GAME

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