Tag: NPC


  • The Baron

    The self-made ruler of [[Xenon 30I7 | Xenon 30I7]], a former heavy for [[The Consortium | The Consortium]], and an old flame of [[:inara | Inara Song]].

  • Eli

    A former [[Consortium]] enforcer who knew both [[Ben]] and [[Inara]] during his stretch with the crime ring. Now apparently working for [[The Baron]] on [[Xenon 30I7]].

  • Yondu

    A middleman in [[The Consortium | The Consortium]], who has had dealings with [[:inara | Inara Song]], [[:guy-gunderson | Guy Gunderson]], and [[:ben | Benedict "Star Qiller" Weymeir]]. When his family was murdered by pirates, he managed to have his …

  • Caroll Jacobson

    The late, genderfluid, criminal mentor of young Benedyqt Weymeir, who taught him about friendship and crime before being gunned down by police. Got a little racist when they drank.